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Hello And Welcome!

So I finally decided to give this blogging thing a twirl. I was inspired while watching Me Before You for the 4th time (I’m a fan, can’t you tell? lol). Everything about the movie is perfect and I find myself being able to relate to it most of the time. Although I am not like the characters portrayed in the movie, I can still relate with them because of their idea in love.

This story really has everything! from funny jokes to heart-melting moments, I rank it on my top 3 movie that I’ve watched this year. Yes! It’s that good. And wanna a little secret? I’m not even a fan of romantic films! Yes, I always like to watch fast-paced action movies and thrillers, that’s why I was so shocked at myself when I loved Me Before You. It wasn’t even my idea, my girlfriend was the one who dragged me into the theater, and yes, I was groaning all the way like Homer Simpson (got a mental picture yet?). But boy was I glad that she made me watched it with her.

Right now, I’m reading the book and I have to say, in some ways, it is better than the film. But isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? I only wish that I could’ve read the book first before watching it. I would’ve like to imagine my own view of the characters and then later comparing it with the Hollywood adaptation.

Well, that’s really the reason why I made this website (my first ever). I will be filling this place with all the wonderful quotes from the movie. And also talk about other things like my views on life, love, relationships and much more. But in general, I would like to post only lighthearted and positive things.

I hope that you’re as excited as me. Let’s both enjoy this ride! 🙂


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