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Me Before You Quotes

“Love is like staring at the horizon. It’s unending and beautiful but it can also be tiring. The challenge is to keep on finding the reason to look forward to something more.”

“The best kinds of relationships are the ones where you sit together doing nothing, but still be immeasurably happy.”

Will Traynor
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Quotes by Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke)

“Pray for wisdom, strength and courage. These are more than enough, for you to see things through in times of great challenges.”

“When problems come your way, face it head on and have faith. Remember that God gives the hardest challenges to the strongest of men.”

“It was once said and it couldn’t be more right: to love another being is the ultimate affirmation that another soul is real.”

“It has been said that for someone who believes in the power of love, there is no explanation necessary; but for someone who refuses to accept its magnitude, there is no explanation possible.”

“There are possibly two things that change the destinies of men. The first one is love, the other is despair.”

“Love is finding contentment in the idea that the other person’s happiness is necessary to your own.”

“Love does not lie on someone who treats you like you are just an option.”

“To love again is nature’s way of intervening what could be the death of hope.”

“I am certain that in this life time of great hatred, sorrow, anger, and fear, a drop of love was enough to lead my despair into the light.”

“They are both a sign of hopelessness – to anticipate something that may never happen or to totally be oblivious of something that is hard to forget. Then again, I realized that not really knowing which one to pursue is my worst kind of nightmare.”

“Loving means being brave enough to accept the fact that nobody is perfect.”

Funny Quotes

“Even the simplest action can mean a lot when done in love.”

“Love is looking at your partner thinking what you’ve done good to deserve such a great person.”

“Love knows how to wait.”

“Do not rush falling in love, trust the process and enjoy growing in love.”

“Sometimes, all you need is someone to hold your hand and tell you that everything will be alright.”

“Love is seeing the best of the world in your partner’s eyes.

“Love means staying even if you need to share the dinner bill!”

“Loving doesn’t hurt, because if it does, then that isn’t love.”

“Even princesses can fall in love with each other.”

“You cannot give what you do not have, so first love yourself.”

“Love your partner in good times. Love him better in worsts.”

“Love means looking at your partner with a mouthful of pizza but still seeing that you’ve got the prettiest girl in the world.”

“Love means being able to share billls, not letting the other handle them alone.”

“Build with your partner, do not tear them down.”

“Relationships last long not because of destiny but because of two brave souls willing to fight for what they think is right.”

“Love means learning how to smile through the sorrow and laugh through the pain.”

“Being in love is more than a feeling, it is a commitment.”

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