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Me Before You Quotes

“Loyalty in love is the very foundation of forever.”

“Forever is too short of a time spent with someone you love a lot.”

Moving On

“The first step in moving on is knowing what you did wrong and accepting it.”

“Moving on is easy, it’s leaving the memories behind that is hard.”

“It is always better to move on than to stay in an unhealthy relationship.”

“Move on from people who doesn’t see your worth.”

“The pain you feel in moving on is nothing compared to the pain of staying in a relationship that is wrong.”

“Moving on from the wrong person opens the door to the right one.”

“How can you find true love when you don’t move on from the wrong person?”

“Do not feel bad when a person leaves you behind, move on and let him realize your worth.”

“The moving on process is twice as painful as the heart break.”

“It doesn’t matter who you’re moving on from, it will always be painful.” -Jojo Moyes

“Moving on is a sign of accepting things you know you cannot change.”

“Once you’ve moved on, don’t let the past hinder you from finding happiness.”

“Happiness is found in moving on.”

“The joy of moving on lies in the power of the mind to process things that was once blurry.”

“Do not confuse moving on with martyrdom.”

“If I am to move on from you, please don’t come back when I’m new.”

“People tend to move on from things and circumstances that doesn’t show them what they’re worth.”

“You can move on from anything, just be brave enough to do so.”

“The heart is always stronger than the brain, if it says move on, it will.”

“I will move on from you because you are just another mistake that made me learn a lesson.”

“The first step in moving on is the same as the first step in riding a bike, find your balance.”

“You decide whether a heartbreak make you or break you, what’s important is you move on from things that destroy you.”

“Never be afraid to let go of people weighing you down, you’re only as good as those you are around.”

“Love is my driving force.”

“Breaking things means moving fast, if you’re breaking hearts, you’re moving on.”

“The way to stop bitterness is by first forgiving yourself, it is only then that you could quite forgive another.”

“What went wrong doesn’t matter, the mistakes you did will long be forgotten, what lies ahead is what’s important.”

“There is always one person who will look at you in the eye and feel like the luckiest person alive.”

“The heart sees what the eyes don’t.”

Camilla Traynor (Janet McTeer)

“Love means waking up in the morning, knowing that you are taken by someone very special.”

“Love sees the bad in everything, but love also, is enough to cover a multitude of flaws.”

“Love never comes easy, if it does then maybe it isn’t love.”

“The best relationships are the ones not posted over social media.”

“Be in a relationship where you can be stupid together and never having to judge each other.”

“As long as there is love, everything becomes possible.”

“Relationships does not require a label, only love.”

“Real love is found behind closed doors.”

“Love is having someone to tell you how bad a person you are, yet stays and help you change.”

“Right person, wrong love. It maybe a gift or a curse from up above.”

“You can never fully love another person if you don’t fully love yourself.”

“Love because you want to, not because you have to.”

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