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Me Before You Quotes

“The right time for relationships is that when you could already afford to pay your own bills.”

“Fancy restaurants and expensive flowers are merely material things that support a feeling. The pureness of intentions and the sincerity of the heart is what love truly is.”

Quotes About Love

“Nothing feels better than knowing how to love, feeling how to be loved and learning how to be lovable.”

“Do not shut people away from you, rather connect with them in love.”

“Life becomes happier and trials become easier when you share it with the person you love.”

“Tomorrow maybe scary, but knowing that you’re not alone makes the fear a little easier to bear.”

“Believe in love and never be afraid of anything ever again.”

“No one is a loser when it comes to love, but there is in fear.”

“Love is being able to spoil yourself.”

“Love means being able to say “I love you” even in the middle of a heated argument.”

“Asking your partner about things that bother you costs less than allowing doubt to swallow you.”

“You learn things new everyday when you walk the path of love.”

“Respect of privacy proves how much you love a person.”

“Love is knowing how to say “please” and “thank you”.”

“Don’t fall with beauty first, look at the heart.”

“A healthy argument makes a healthy relationship.”

“You only lose when you let fear win.”

“The first step to winning is not being afraid of trying!”

Stephen Traynor (Charles Dance)

“True love is when you don’t mind your partner getting extra bacon and cheese on her burgers!”

“Giving everything in love is nothing unusual, being able to leave a little something for yourself is something.”

“Be proud of the person you are with, you’ll never know who dreams of being in your place.”

“Love starts at home.”

“If you’re meant to be together, love will help you find your way back to each other.”

“Love is being able to rest in the middle of almost giving up.”

“There’s no such thing as abusive love, because love is never that.”

“We may not end up being together, but our love immortalized who we are.”

“You can live without me, and I can live without you. But to love? Maybe that, we can’t.”

“Love is waiting for your partner to finish watching her favorite show before switching channels.”

“Love when you’re able to pay for your things you need yourself, not when you need someone to pay for your dinner.”

“Let love grow in the passing of time, if it flourishes to something worth keeping, keep it.”

“Love doesn’t have second options, neither second opinions.”

“Be in a relationship that knows the difference between “I can” and “I may”.”

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