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Me Before You Quotes

“Destiny brings two people together; distance may separate them, but destiny will bring them back as one.”

“True love always finds its perfect place beside you never above or under you.”

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Inspirational Quotes

“Failing is only the first step to achieving your dreams.”

“Big dreams cannot be reached with small efforts!”

“Wanting to be loved means being lovable and learning to love more.”

“Building bridges, instead of walls, promotes happier relationships and everlasting marriages.”

“Sharing your joy doubles the fun. Sharing your sorrows makes beautiful tomorrows.”

“True love has no measure as giving is its perfect pleasure.”

“Love someone with a whole heart as if you will never part and you will surely find acceptance and true meaning of love as an art.”

“Friendship happens when silence becomes a comfort and not a barrier between two different personalities.”

“Getting to know more about a person only takes one hour of play than a year or two of conversation.”

“Holding back makes you a loser while loving fully makes you a winner.”

Alicia (Vanessa Kirby)

“Happiness does not ward off cowardice, victory over adversities does.”

“Honesty is like a metal cleaner. It separates the real from the reel.”

“Like a chemical reaction that transforms two chemical substances, so is the attraction between two different persons.”

“Loving is like dancing, you need to be in tune with the music and with your partner so that both of you will enjoy the time together.”

“What do you have in common? Talk about it. You’ll never know what you can grow within a common ground.”

“The eyes are the windows to the soul. This is specially true with women, so better look at your wife in the eye when she is talking.”

“True love unmasks us, yet never hurts us. It is satisfied staring at what is within the veil.”

“Never give in to those who questions your ability. Those who are the best care enough to encourage others occupy the post together with them.”

“I think of love as that lifts me up. It encourages me to be more than what I could be. It’s lasting… unwavering.”

“Because I love… that’s always the reason I understand.”

“We know that we have seen God when we are able to love everyone, both the lovable and the unlovable.”

“When you love someone, you give, even if it hurts.”

“To love is to let loose. If it stays there, then it’s where it’s supposed to be.”

Quotes About Strength

“There is always something beautiful in everything.”

“Sweeter success is the result of bitter labors.”

“Life will punch you straight in the face, get up and punch it twice harder!”

“If others think you can’t, be the last person to believe you will.”

“No matter how many times you fail, the smallest strength left within you will bring you to something great in the future.”

“Every week is a great start to begin what you feared starting!”

“You are the person you create yourself.”

“Today’s choices, tomorrow’s success.”

“Do not settle for anything second best, because you deserve the greatest success!”

“The rest of your life can be the best of your life!”

“Money may buy you things that makes you happy, but it can never buy you moments you’ll forever cherish.”

“If you want something, do every possible effort to get it. No one understands your need more than yourself.”

“Do not let your happiness be somebody else’s misery.”

“If you accept the fall, you fail.”


“Take the royal road to your man’s heart by simply just talking about his treasured ideas and not your own.”

“Every little thing we dislike from others leads us to realize of our own shortcomings for gaining more fruitful relationships.”

“Don’t ever try to fall in love when you’re lonely but when you’re ready.”

“You’ll always know when you are with the right person at the right time. It’s when your relationship makes you a better person and not a bad one.”

“Raising your voice lowers the level of communication and even lessens the bondage of marriage or relationships.”

“Good listeners are not only popular persons. They are even better learners.”

“An open communication is the best gateway to strengthen love in a relationship.”

“Having someone to confide with and keep our deepest truths and secrets is one of the basic needs of being human.”

“Knowing when to go away, knowing when to stay, and even learning when and how to come closer each day, are the prime keys for a lasting relationship.”

“Falling for someone’s personality means finding beauty in every single way.”

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