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Me Before You Quotes

Movie Review

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have someone change how you look at life, in all aspects, despite of all the pain and fears? That is exactly what “Me before You” was about, or so many people thought. Sometimes, even if we find someone to help us believe in life and love again, the force of will is just too strong that love alone is not enough to change our minds about things we’ve long decided about. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big issue involving life and death, or simply about choosing what stockings to wear to complete our outfits.

Louisa Clark was one such person who wanted to make a big impact in Will Traynor’s life that she thought, she was, or rather, her love was enough for him to change his mind about a big decision no one ever wants to be faced with. But she wasn’t, and his decision was final. In watching the film, you will learn to accept things you cannot change for the greater good. With acceptance comes finally being able to see the beauty in every situation no matter how hard it currently is. You will learn to smile in spite of the pain and more importantly, you will learn to love a person, no what’s, no ifs, and no buts.

“Me Before You” is such a heart-warming movie that will really put you in tears. It is a beautiful story of a love that could’ve been big but decided to be meek and small. It is about seeing that love sometimes happen in the most unexpected of times, and this kind of love is the love that you will forever remember, it is the kind of love that may have not last long but will always have a special place in your heart. Now let’s take a moment and thank the genius, Jojo Moyes for creating an instant classic!

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